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Timber License

High risk for all such trees, felling permission of the tree officer is mandatory for felling. The following are the criteria for high risk trees:

The trees being felled fall belong to 15 species specified under Maharashtra felling of trees (regulation) act, 1964. For the district of Sindhudurg, a further 7 species have been classified as high risk.

The trees to be felled are within 30 meters of the bank of any water source, nala, stream, rivulet, etc.· in sites forming part of a holding containing uncultivated land in which economic cultivation of field crops is not possible, whether the tree growth is less than 50 trees per hectare or its proportion as applicable.

For trees not belonging to 15 species specified under Maharashtra felling of trees (regulation) act, 1964 or not falling under property having the criteria as categorized above as high risk, no tree felling permits are required.

Steps to form a Timber License Registration

Filing of
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Replanting Requirement

As per section 3(1b) of the Maharashtra felling of trees (regulation) act, 1964; the permission to fell trees shall be granted subject to the condition that the applicant shall plant equal number of trees of the same or any other species as the tree officer may direct, on the same site or other suitable place in the vicinity in the ensuing plantation season


  • If owner is more than one then consent letter of each owner with photograph from setu
  • A copy of 7/12 from talathi indicating details of tree
  • A copy of record of rights mutation from tahsildar
  • Description of trees as per survey number etc
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