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Sound License

When you get in a restaurant, you often listen to the music being played in a background. Sometimes, there are beautiful classical songs of beatles, the doors and sometimes you have to bear the songs of rapper yo yo honey Singh (argh!). But the music is always there and it seems like there is a connection between restaurant lovers and music lovers. Be that as it may, the point is have you ever wondered that restaurant owners need a license to play such music otherwise they would be liable to pay hefty damages?

Many people think that if they buy a music CD then they have unfettered rights to play it at any place. However, it is not so simple. It gives them only the right to listen to it in private and not in public. So, how to get license to play such music in public? Which is the entity responsible for such issuance of license?

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Copyright Society

A sound recording generally comprises various rights. It is necessary to obtain the licenses from each and every right owner in the sound recording. This would, among other thing, include the producer of the sound recording, the lyricist who wrote the lyrics, and the musician who composed the music. Now, for a customer, it would be a very cumbersome task to procure the license from each and every one. So, to facilitate such licenses to the consumer there is a concept of copyright society. The idea of copyright society is that the owners join a national society which because of its organizational facilities and strengths gives licenses to the customers and keep better vigil over the uses of the works of owners. The advantage of such copyright is two-fold:

  • It helps customers to get the licence of every field at one place without much difficulty.
  • It helps the owners of the respective work that their work is in better vigilance

How To Get The License

What you need to do is you have to make a application in a prescribed format to the concerned department as the case may be.

you have to pay a fee which is published in their tariff scheme which they have to publish according to copyright act of India. If you have any problem with the tariff scheme you are welcome to complain against such scheme to the corporate board and if the board find any problem it will take suitable steps.


  • Registration certificate
  • Fssai license
  • Beer license - if there
  • Pan card and Aadhar card of proprietor or partners
  • Electricity bill
  • Mobile number and mail id
  • Passport size photographs
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