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Certification (ISI Mark)

Registration Process

  • Application form filing with all the govt. Laws and procedures
  • Assist in locating the right bis approved test laboratories
  • Visit and testing product sample assistance
  • Managing the complete documentation
  • Coordinate with the requirements and specification
  • Smoothing the whole process until the final certification

Steps to form a Certification (ISI Mark)

Fill application & assist
in location Bis laboratories
product sample
Managing complete

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Normal procedure for license grant

The procedure for granting the bis certification license begins with the submission of the application on the application form prescribed by the manufacturer wishing to obtain the license. When reviewing the application and the documents attached to the facilitation desk, if the application is complete in all respects, an application number is recorded and assigned


The initial period of validity of the license is one year. The license may be renewed for an additional period of one to two years, subject to satisfactory exploitation of the license, as observed during periodic inspections, factory tests and independent samples taken at the factory and on the market.


  • Document establishing legal identity of the firm (registration as a firm, partnership deed, certificate of incorporation etc)
  • Process flow-chart covering all processes of manufacture (from raw material to finished product stage), including details of in-process controls at each stage, even for those stages which have been outsourced
  • Where applicable, ‘consent letter’ from bis recognized laboratory (for requirements which have to be and / or are proposed to be got tested from outside lab for which the applicant does not have in-house test facilities).
  • Undertaking/Declaration
  • Quality assurance system testing followed in factory (E.G copy of quality manual, quality plan, test formats, etc.)
  • Drawing of the product and / or components (wherever applicable)
  • Layout plan
  • Manufacturing machinery details
  • Test equipment details
  • Copies of test Certificates of raw material
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