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GST Registration

When is it required for a business owner to register for GST

It is mandatory for you register for GST and have a GSTIN if:

  • You have an annual turnover limit above rs.20 lakh for your intrastate business
  • Your business located in any of the listed special states (such as assam, jammu & kashmir, himachal pradesh, etc.) has an annual turnover of over rs.10 lakh
  • If you own an e-commerce business
  • If you own an inter-state business
  • If you are required to pay tax under reverse charge
  • If you are required to pay tax under section 9, sub-section (5)
  • You are a non-resident liable to pay taxes producing taxable supply

Steps to form a GST Registration

Log on to
official website
Filled in
application form

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Here is how you can register your GST

  • Use your pan, email id and mobile number to fill out GST reg-01 and submit the same
  • Verify your mobile number and email id with a one-time password after pan verification
  •  Store the application reference number [ARN] sent to your mobile number and email id after verification is complete
  • Put in your arn number and attach supporting documents where required
  • Fill out the automatically generated GST reg-03 form in case additional information is required
  • After verification of all information submitted, a certificate of registration will be issued to you within 3 working days

How to track the status of your GST registration

Here is how you can track the status of your application without logging in:

  • log on to http://gst.gov.In
  •  Click on the ‘services’ tab
  •  Select ‘registration’
  • Choose the ‘track application status’ option
  • Enter your arn in the new window and click on search
  • Your application status will be displayed on the screen and sent to your registered mobile number and email id


  • Pan card of business and applicant
  •  Aadhar card of applicant
  •  Proof of place of business
  • Cancel cheque
  • Passport photo
  • Mobile number and mail id
  • Registration certificate
  • Digital signature in case of company and LLPS
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