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FIEO Registration

FIEO means Federation of Indian Export Organization

The federation of Indian export organisations represents the Indian entrepreneurs’ spirit of enterprise in the global market. As the apex body of all Indian export promotion organisations, FIEO works as a partner of the government of the India to promote Indian exports.

How to become a member of FIEO

FIEO’s membership rules are governed by the government of India's foreign trade policy and FIEO’s memorandum and articles of association.

Steps to form a FIEO Registration

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Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC)

As per the Foreign Trade Policy, a Status Holder exporter is required to get a Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) from FIEO for availing various benefits under the Policy. RCMC is also required for getting certain benefits from the Customs and Central Excise authorities. For registration purposes, FIEO has been recognized by the Government as an Export Promotion Council.

If an exporter desires to obtain an RCMC, he has to declare his main line of business in the application made to the Export Promotion Council relating to that line of business.

Advantages of Membership

By registering with FIEO, an exporter has the double advantage of getting the benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy, as also the benefit of FIEO’s services,facilities, credentials, and global reach.
An exporter, who does not wish to obtain the RCMC and claim benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy, can still be enrolled as a member of FIEO under its Individual Exporter Category.


  • Copy of the report showing the legal status of the firm.
  •   Photograph of the document showing allotment of PF Code No.
  •    Copy of receipt/cover note/insurance policy received.
  • The license fee to receive the labour license.
  • KYC of all directors
  • Udyog aadhar/ MSME registration copy
  • Details of business activity :whether manufacturer or merchant
  • Import or export details
  • Products for which registration sought
  • Bank certificate in the specified format
  • No of employees in the firm
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