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Private Limited to LLP

  • Every member of the company must agree with the decision of conversion.
  • All the members become the partners of an LLP.
  • The latest copy of Income tax return is to be filed with ROC.
  • Not just the members, all the creditors of the company must also agree with the conversion.

Steps to form a Private Limited To LLP

Meeting of
Board Directors
Filing of
Drafting of
LLP Agreement
Obtain certificate of

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Conversion of Company into LLP Procedure be followed

  • Obtain DPIN: The designated partners, who don’t already have a DIN must file for obtaining one.The minimum number of partners for the incorporation of an LLP is two and also one of them must be Indian. But it is very important to file for a DSC before applying for the DIN.A Body Corporate can also be a partner in an LLP through a nominee.
  • Meeting of Board of Directors of the Company
  • Filing of Form with Registrar of Company
  • Drafting the LLP Agreement
  • Filing of Incorporation forms and attachments
  • Filing of Application for conversion
  • Filling of Form 3
  • Obtain Certificate of Registration and File Form 14 with the registrar


  • Consent of each of the shareholder of the company
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Statement of Asset and Liabilities from the company
  • List of all the creditors along with their consent
  • Authorization to make declaration
  • Optional Attachments
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