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CE Marking Certification

CE has been a certification mark on the products related to health, safety, and environment. CE stands for “conformity European.”

CE mark certification service

The logo has a value of a standard. To match with the changing trends of different products and make it more competitive, the CE technical experts work hard to maintain the standard of CE marked products. They become the advisories to the manufacturers. CE is a standard of international standard

EC made CE marking mandatory for the products of electronic and electrical equipment to be sold in EEA. This made a particular standard of the above equipment which can be least harmful to the mankind or the users.

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How to get the CE marking certification?

  1. Identify the eu requirements of the product
  2.  Check whether the product fulfills the specific requirements
  3. Check whether the products must be tested by notified body
  4. Compile the technical dossier
  5. Affix the ce marking certification and register the product

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